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This support page will answer any frequently asked questions you may have about Obie. If you're looking for his favorite foods, music, and other interests aside from knowledge management, you can find his dating profile on Bumble!

Obie Help Guide

Advice, FAQs and resources from the team to help you make the most out of your experience.

Installation Scopes

Ready to install Obie but have questions regarding the permissions he asks for? Please view this handy plain-English breakdown of the Slack scopes Obie requires.

Security Questions

Ready to install Obie but have questions regarding security? Check out the security guide for a high-level overview on how the team takes security seriously.


Type help to get a list of Obie's commands.
Ask Obie a what question i.e. "What is the deploy process?"
Ask Obie a where question i.e. "Where do I find the logos?"
Ask Obie a how question i.e. "How do I connect to the printer?"
Type flows to get a list of the Flows available to you accompanied by numbers.
start flow 123
Tell Obie start flow 123 to begin Flow number 123 (use the number that is accompanied to the Flow you wish to begin).
Type stop to adjust notification settings.
Type dashboard to get the url link to your team's dashboard.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I use Obie?

You can interact with Obie not unlike you'd interact with one of your colleagues - ask him a question! How, what and where questions are fan favorites, but you can also be blunt and just type keywords to get what you want from Obie. Obie will search across all connected knowledge, documents and FAQs for you to make your life easier. If Obie can't find what you're looking for, don't fret, he can help you hunt down an answer from a colleage or even route a request to your service desk.

If you get stuck, type help to see a list of Obie commands.

Where does Obie get his information from?

You choose where Obie searches for knowledge! Feed knowledge to Obie right in Slack, or add some rich content to his knowledge base.
Hook up your team's external knowledge bases and give Obie authorization to search select folders. Currently, Obie integrates with Google Drive, Confluence, Dropbox, Box, and more.

How do I feed knowledge to Obie?

You can add custom responses for FAQs in Slack using the Submit Answer button or in the web browser via You could also build knowledge and documentation within the Obie knowledge base or even connect your existing documentation under Configure in the Obie dashboard.

How do I manage my integrations?

To manage your team's integrations, ask Obie for a link to the dashboard and then go to the Configure section. There, you'll be able to connect new integrations and configure your existing connected integrations. Configuration will let you assign specific folders to specific channels for Obie to search.

If I authorize an integration, does everyone on my team have access to all the files?

Users are unable to escalate their permissions on the Obie dashboard, or any third-party platform, by interacting with Obie. Often our customers will create an Obie service account for 3rd party integrations they plan to connect with Obie. You can also specify the spaces and folders Obie can search across different channels in Slack. You can learn more about how we ensure the security of your data while in our care here.

What are Flows?

Flows are a series of steps delivered one at a time via Obie. They use spaced-repetition to increase knowledge retention. Create Flows on the dashboard to automate training or to share knowledge, lessons or checklists, and they will be deployed to your team in message-sized pieces.
Flows are great for new hire tasks, to assign books, or to teach a certain skill. They can include steps like a Google doc, "Watch this YouTube video", or "Read the Sales Book".

How do I invite Obie to a channel?

Simply type /invite @Obie to your channel(s) of choice and ask him questions just as you would in a direct message. Mention @Obie before asking your question, unless Obie has automatically detected a question he can help with from within the channel. In that case, he'll share without mentioning him.

Does Obie store my data?

All data you enter into Obie remains yours, and the team is committed to ensuring that your data is kept safe and confidential. We do not copy or clone your documents in any way.
Obie does store some data on our servers. You can learn about all the details of what exactly is stored here.

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