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  • Designated Account Manager & Success Rep
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At Mercer's Innovation Hub, we develop new and better ways for people to make the most of their health, wealth, and careers in a rapidly changing world. It is important for us to continuously be exploring new and innovative technologies. We have been working with the team to explore their fundamentally new way for teams to access their company knowledge, quickly, and at scale. The team has proven functionality with Obie, and given us their time and energy in support and user education throughout our use.

Innovation at Mercer


$99/ month + $60 per admin/month Learn More


$299/ month + $60 per admin/month Learn More
  • 2 Integrations Included
  • Knowledge Base
  • Store & Manage FAQs
  • Dedicated Onboarding Specialist
  • Priority Support
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$599/ month + $60 per admin/month Learn More
  • Unlimited Integrations
  • Knowledge Base
  • Store & Manage FAQs
  • Dedicated Onboarding Specialist
  • Priority Support
  • See All Features

For custom integrations, annual billing and more, contact sales.

Frequently Asked Questions

Obie is built to deploy and integrate into your existing tools and processes
within minutes.

Do we have enough existing content for Obie to be useful?

While Obie fits best with growing organizations (75+), it's never too early to start thinking about knowledge management! In fact, is a great platform to build out your knowledge processes for the first time because Obie helps discover existing weak spots.

We have too much information, unorganized across different tools.

Did you say a perfect storm?! A common worry is that you need to organize the knowledge you have before being able to take advantage of Obie. Our technology works by connecting, analyzing, and presenting information in any format we're given. It's our thing.

Is there a lot of effort to get started with Obie?

A common trade-off for knowledge platforms is your time. Well, not with Obie. Our platform is built to connect with existing knowledge in seconds, and can be used to rapidly access and update this knowledge wherever you work — no heavy lifting required.

Do you integrate with <insert product>?

Our platform is built to easily integrate with most knowledge sources. We have many out-of-the-box integrations already (15+) and the list continues to grow. In the event you're looking for something we have yet to support, we would happily explore the possibility of custom integrations for our Obie Premium customers.

Can I use Obie with just my team, or does it need to be org-wide?

Yes! In fact, you might not be used to pricing plans that aren't tied to an end-user count. Our plans are built to reflect teams and organizations at different stages of maturity. Often, our customers start using Obie in one team and adoption grows across the org.

My company doesn't use Slack. Can we still use Obie?

Yes! We recently built a stand-alone version of Obie that can live anywhere you'd like and simply integrated with one line of code. Obie also works in the web with all modern browsers, in addition to Obie for Chrome (coming soon — Q2 2019).

Does Slack count as an integration in your plans?

No. Our Slack integration is included in all plans.

What does $60 per admin/month mean?

Admins are needed across the Obie platform to manage users, analytics, integrations, and FAQs. The number of admins you'll want will vary depending on your team size but there must be at least 1 admin.

Best-in-class Security

We take security extremely seriously. That's why we've built Obie on a cloud infrastructure that follows industry-wide security practices and standards.