IT on Autopilot

Obie gives your organization a single place to access documentation and route internal requests. Obie seamlessly integrates with your existing knowledge tools and service desks for frictionless deployment and best-in-class user experience.

Supercharge Deflection

Reduce frequently asked questions with an AI agent Obie is the fastest way to access documentation at work. Save time and ask Obie questions using natural language to find the knowledge you need from Confluence — you don't even have to leave Slack. Powered by artificial intelligence (A.I.), the more you use Obie, the smarter he gets!

We've also integrated with the other tools your team already uses like Google Drive, ReadMe, and much more, so setup is a breeze.

Streamline Resolution

Improve SLA times by bringing ticketing into Slack Are you getting software fatigue? Leverage Obie to integrate with your existing service desk, route tickets, directly from Slack, and streamline all communication between Jira Service Desk and your customers.

Take back your time

If you're already using Jira Service Desk, and Slack is where your organization works, start using Obie today to put your IT workflow on autopilot.