Bells & Whistles.

Works Where You Do Slack Integration The most robust Slack integration on the market means not having to switch between applications to find what you need.
Not Your Typical Knowledge System Connected Apps Instantly connect existing knowledge and tools to streamline access and leverage verified information 24/7.
Capture Knowledge Easier FAQs & Knowledge Base Quickly capture and organize frequently asked questions or build a wiki — in the web and directly in Slack.
Content Verification Obie will notify administrators and content owners when knowledge is out of date to ensure 24/7 access to verified knowledge for your teams.
Flows Add much needed structure to existing processes like employee onboarding and deliver workflows right within Slack.
Analytics Obie will help you make data driven decisions by finding gaps in the knowledge base, as well as what content is or isn't working.
Reporting Deliver insights such as: questions asked, knowledge requests and top performing content, via custom reports sent by Obie.
Requests Obie will identify incoming requests from your team and fill knowledge gaps so everyone has the information they need to get more done.
Active Responses From a channel Obie has been provided access to, he will proactively share relevant knowledge to help stop roadblocks in their tracks.
Web Widgets Enterprise Don't use Slack? With one line of code, you can take Obie anywhere with a completely unique chatbot experience.
Chrome Extension Coming Soon Obie for Chrome means you have all of the information you need no matter where you spend your time at work.

Sound like a fit?

Obie is built for growing teams and organizations. We have a variety of plans to fit your organization as you scale.