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Enable faster support

Leading SupportOps, RevOps and DevOps teams use Obie to unlock the value of their existing tools, build a self-serve support process, enable helpdesk automation and create better employee experiences.

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Enable faster support

Leading support teams use Obie to unlock the value of their existing tools, build a self-serve support process, helpdesk automation and better employee experiences.

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Cvent, Inc. is a privately held software-as-a-service company that specializes in meetings, events, and hospitality management technology. The company offers web-based software for meeting site selection, online event registration, event management, email marketing, and web surveys.

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"Obie has been a great addition to our team. Obie has helped prevent tickets from happening in the first place by providing instant answers. Our engineers also love it because of its slick integration with Slack and Jira Service Management. This has contributed to overall better user experience and customer satisfaction."

Mohammed Dajani, Senior IT Manager - Cvent

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Hawke Media is a full-service Outsourced CMO based in Los Angeles, CA, providing the guidance, planning, and execution to grow brands of all sizes, industries and business models.

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"Obie is incredibly useful if your organization starts getting to that threshold where it's increasingly difficult to find what is necessary, and people are relying on shoulder taps to actually get their jobs done. I think that's really where Obie’s going to shine. And from a personal perspective, if I go to any org in the future, it's like “we have a really hard time finding stuff”, I absolutely know what to do."

Director of Paid Social and Special Projects - Hawke Media

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If you're already using Jira Service Management, and Slack is where your organization works, start using Obie today to put your IT workflow on autopilot.

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Over the last few years, thousands of teams and organizations have used Obie to make their knowledge more accessible. What we've learnt, at least for now, is that Obie provides the most value for companies that have 50 or more employees.

Often times, we find that smaller teams within these organizations (50+), have a need for Obie. If this is you, please email to learn about the different ways you can try Obie.

Dmitriy Product Development Engineer at Veeva
Extremely helpful and precise - Obie is fast, reliable, easily extendable and easy to understand.
Larry Account Manager at Podium
I like that I can use Obie through Slack to find answers to my questions. I'm on a sales team so it is the easiest way for me to find a quick answer. I don't have to stop my call to ask someone a question, I can simply type it in to Slack and get an answer through Obie.
Sarah Client Success Manager at Podium
I love the quick access to information and not having to wait for a human to respond!
Louise Engineer at RaisingIT
The Slack integration is great for being able to ping back a quick response to someone asking a question. It has taken a lot of burden off our team as we used to get many repeated questions, and the ability for people to ask Obie for the answers directly has greatly reduced the number of questions we receive.

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