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Hawke Media is a full-service Outsourced CMO based in Los Angeles, CA, providing the guidance, planning, and execution to grow brands of all sizes, industries and business models.

Avg monthly shoulder-taps deflected by Obie
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Challenges and Goals

  • To bring an intelligent search layer to their Google Drive folder structure which, admittedly has grown quite messy over the years.
  • To integrate their Google Drive knowledge silo with Slack to make it instantly searchable and sharable.
  • To give agents faster access to support documentation to reduce shoulder tapping and distractions in a period of rapid company growth and onboarding.


  • With Obie, Hawke was able to create an intelligent search layer that connected their Google Drive knowledge repository to the place where they communicate the most, Slack, almost instantly.
  • Implemented a more rigorous naming convention to file managmement that dramatically improved search indexability.
  • Dramatically improved workflow by eliminating the disengagement occuring from shoulder-taps between teams and newly onboarded team members.
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ROI on Obie Subscription Cost


Amount saved from lost billable hours

"Obie is really reliable. It looks really simple but is incredibly useful. For Hawke Media in particular, our team Google Drive has been sort of like an unmanaged wilderness. This [Google Drive] will be five or six years old, with no consistent effort or organization. That was one of the things that I recognized coming into this role and I wanted to make sure we're able to find things quickly. And Obie helped solve that need on almost day one... it's incredibly useful if your organization starts getting to that threshold where it's increasingly difficult to find what is necessary, and people are relying on shoulder taps to actually get their jobs done. I think that's really where Obie’s going to shine. And from a personal perspective, if I go to any org in the future, it's like “we have a really hard time finding stuff”, I absolutely know what to do."

Alex Kyle
Director of Paid Social and Special Projects - Hawke Media


Scaling a full-service digital agency creates onboading headaches - Obie is the cure

Adding employees ten at a time creates a burden on existing employees to assist in getting everyone up to speed and diminish productivity subtantially. For Hawke media, if tenured employees spend 20% of their time helping others, they lose nearly 2 billable hours of productivity every day. To mitigate this problem, Hawke Media intervened by deploying Obie as a self-serve support tool and work accelerator to reduce the reliance on shoulder-taps for an admittedly difficult to search knowledge repository.

What is the cost of lost productity to Hawke Media:


Average billable hour
cost to the company


Average number of hours
wasted per month providing support

After implementing Obie and training employees to self-serve support:


Monthly cost savings


ROI of Obie subscription

“We've been using the Obie FAQ system pretty extensively... [for example], if [anyone asks a question like], “Does anyone know how to help me set up a tracking pixel?”, Obie will automatically parse that question in a channel with NLP, find the relevant FAQ, and automatically serve it... so we've taken potentially a four-and-a-half hour screen-share session and boiled it down to less than five minutes.”

Alex Kyle,
Director of Paid Social and Special Projects - Hawke Media

Obie brings order to where there was once chaos

Hawke Media's biggest pain point was caused by a legacy knowledge repository (Google Drive) that had been poorly maintained and they did not feel comfortable migrating from to another silo or solution. What they needed was a better workflow for interacting with what they already invested years into building. This problem was exacerbated by a rapid period of growth where numerous team members were hired. The backlog of support issues was building up and was creating a meaningful negative impact on the team's productive (billable) hours.

Due to its intuitive nature, and the team's comfort with using Slack, the majority of new hires immediately understood the workflows involving Obie, and instantly began to reduce the dependency on senior team members for support.


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Over the last few years, thousands of teams and organizations have used Obie to make their knowledge more accessible. What we've learnt, at least for now, is that Obie provides the most value for companies that have 50 or more employees.

Often times, we find that smaller teams within these organizations (50+), have a need for Obie. If this is you, please email to learn about the different ways you can try Obie.

Dmitriy Product Development Engineer at Veeva
Extremely helpful and precise - Obie is fast, reliable, easily extendable and easy to understand.
Larry Account Manager at Podium
I like that I can use Obie through Slack to find answers to my questions. I'm on a sales team so it is the easiest way for me to find a quick answer. I don't have to stop my call to ask someone a question, I can simply type it in to Slack and get an answer through Obie.
Sarah Client Success Manager at Podium
I love the quick access to information and not having to wait for a human to respond!
Louise Engineer at RaisingIT
The Slack integration is great for being able to ping back a quick response to someone asking a question. It has taken a lot of burden off our team as we used to get many repeated questions, and the ability for people to ask Obie for the answers directly has greatly reduced the number of questions we receive.