Why we rebuilt our native knowledge base (yet another silo)

Our mission at Obie.ai is to make company knowledge universally accessible and more useful. Today, we hope to have taken another step in the direction to realize that mission. For those familiar with our product, you know that our core competency is integrating knowledge that already exists within your organization. In seconds, Obie allows you to connect one of our 16+ out of the box integrations like: Google DriveConfluence or Zendesk Guide into one single source of truth for knowledge. Though, this isn’t where Obie started. For the very first Obie customers, we encouraged the use of our own native format of knowledge: Obie Books. Over the course of Obie’s journey, the Books fell further and further down the line of priority as the feedback from new customers was overwhelmingly focused on search and integrations. With that in mind, it might come as a surprise to some that we have spent the last ~8 months re-designing and re-building Obie Books from the ground up.

We are and will remain unbiased to the source of knowledge you or your organization want to leverage to author and collaborate with one another. However, perhaps more overwhelming than the feedback we receive regarding search and integrations is that organizations feel stuck with, what they describe as, less than ideal knowledge base tools.

Finally, we are confident that the new Obie knowledge base can fill that gap (for the organizations that need it). Otherwise, our focus will continue to be enabling better access to knowledge wherever you choose to author it.

Highlights of the new Obie Page editor

  • Up to 10x faster load times!!!
  • Markdown support
  • New image editing experience
  • Add beautiful royalty free images from Unsplash
  • Link external applications with embeddable iFrames
  • Deep linking of Obie Pages & Google Drive documents
  • .. and more! Check it out, or try Obie for free

Search at Obie.ai

Just in case you’re worried that we’re shifting focus, we decided to put together this roadmap of search iterations and improvements; it’s often difficult to see the incremental work we do on our search technology as the greatest gains come from behind the curtain.

But wait, there’s more!

  • Zendesk Guide integration! Support teams rejoice! You can now connect your existing knowledge base from Zendesk and access it with ease.

For Obie Premium customers using our JIRA Service Desk integration, the Create Ticket app action is now available in Slack for easier request creation.

  • The Obie slash command (/obie) is now available in private channels as well as direct messages. Quite frankly, it should have worked that way from the beginning. We are grateful for the feedback.
  • We re-jigged Obie Suggest to respect a higher confidence when showing suggested knowledge, added a dismiss button and cleaned up the UI a bit.
  • Added these new Insights: Obie Suggest, Tickets Created, Ticket Deflection & Adoption Rate.
  • As well as made the following Insights more intuitive: Channels & Questions.
  • Obie will now follow-up with the original asker of a question when Requests are filled by admins.
  • We made some underwhelming, but necessary improvements to reporting. Go ahead, set one now!
  • Refactored load times for the Invite People and Team features, for our larger organizations.

There’s more, but I think you’ve had enough. As always, we’re eager to hear what you think about anything we’re officially releasing today or anything else for that matter.