What is Slack Enterprise Grid?

Slack is the operating system of the modern workplace. It finds a home in companies of all sizes as a highly extensible communication and collaboration platform. While the platform is easy to deploy, challenges lie in administering and managing Slack in enterprise settings.

Deploying Slack org-wide in large companies is possible but often not practical. Instead, organizations might have multiple workspaces that are separated by geography, SBUs, hierarchy or any other imaginable trait. This is done to improve security, reduce message noise and to limit access to apps and integrations. In some cases, enterprises can have hundreds of workspaces to manage and without a tool to assist, oversight will be burdensome. Enter: Slack Enterprise Grid.

Slack Enterprise Grid (SEG) is a tool that connects multiple interconnected workspaces across your company. Here is a list of features that are available to SEG users.

  • Member search in the Organization Directory
  • Direct message anyone in the Grid
  • Cross-workspace search
  • Multi-workspace channels
  • Shared channels (external)
  • Join or leave workspaces

Org-wide management

  • Security management (single sign-on, mandatory 2FA, etc.)
  • Settings and preferences (message editing and deletion policies, channel management, custom Terms of Service, etc.)
  • Member access and management (accounts, user groups, apps, etc.)
  • Billing (company details, license agreements, etc.)

Workspace management

  • Search and direct messaging works across all workspaces.
  • Create focused places to work. Connect the essential people, information, and apps as required for higher productivity.
  • Multi-workspace channels connect two or many workspaces within the organization.

Using Obie with Slack Enterprise Grid

Without SEG compatibility, Obie would have to be managed on every workspace separately. With SEG enabled on an Obie Enterprise Plan, your administration and user experience is streamlined:

  • With Obie and Enterprise Grid, you can leverage Obie search across your entire organization, or on just a few Workspaces–whatever you need!
  • Workspaces in the Grid will use FAQs, knowledge, and integrations from one centralized dashboard.
  • New Workspaces in the Grid will still need to install Obie.

For additional help on the Slack Enterprise Grid integration with Obie, visit our help guide.

Still confused? Book time with a Slack Certified Administrator at Obie for a consultation to see if SEG improves your enterprise workflow.