Top 3 FAQs of employees during the COVID-19 Era

In March 2020, the largest work-from-home experiment ever began as millions of employees stopped working at their offices and set up their desk at home amid the chaos of home-schooled children and 10-person Zoom calls. Some might be wondering, “What is going on in the minds of our team?”, or “I wonder what everyone else is thinking right now?”. Well, we have a little insight as to what those thoughts might be.

Because our primary specialty is related to universal search, we at Obie.ai have done a little analysis on queries performed on Obie and have identified some patterns (anonymized, of course) in our dataset. We’ve uncovered the top three trends concerning employees in our customer-base, which is a small proxy for what your team might be thinking about as well. Without further adieu, here are the top 3 issues that are top of mind in the COVID-19 work-from-home era:

Connecting to a VPN

By far, the most repeated topic in our dataset was related to VPNs. With data-security being pushed to the forefront of IT department’s concerns, most workplaces are enforcing a VPN policy, sometimes going to far as to required an “always-on” VPN policy. VPNs can be tricky to set up for the first time, so seeing this pop up in Obie’s search trends is not surprising.

Tax forms

The K-1, W-2 and W-3 IRS tax forms have been popping up at the top of Obie’s search queries. As employee work status changes, employees are looking for information regarding tax filing requirements. To put it mildly, filing the proper tax forms is confusing, so it’s no surprise that people are looking for information to file correctly and on time.


Remember the days when nobody talked about Zoom? Now everyone and their grandmother is trying to figure out how to use this popular video conferencing software. Questions about Zoom, such as getting connected to meetings, getting licenses, tutorials and so on are common themes appearing in our search trends in the months since the pandemic started.

You can gain similar insights on your remote team

This is just one of the many insights and trends you can infer from Obie as your knowledge base software. Our customers use Obie to help remote or work-from-home employees gain access to knowledge wherever they are. But more importantly, Obie can help people unearth trending topics where concerns arise or knowledge gaps form. This way, you can help your employees reach full productivity faster. We just launched a new entry-level Slack-first business wiki software for teams looking to add rigor to their knowledge management process – check it out.