Tips for using Dropbox and Obie to accelerate sales and close more deals

dropbox obie integration

65% of sales reps say they can’t find content they need to close deals with prospective customers


In any sales process, documentation has vital importance from customer prospecting through signing the contract and post-sale support. While each individual has their own personal formula for success, there are core documents that form the foundation of any rep’s methodology and these files are frequently accessed, reused and updated in order to close deals. So, time wasted on your laptop searching for the files that you need is both costly and frustrating for yourself and your company.

This efficiency problem can be solved by combining a thoughtfully planned Dropbox Business folder structure and integrating it with Obie, to accelerate search, access and discovery of the files.

Take a minute to recall the troves of documentation, spreadsheets, presentations and templates, required at all stages of the process, that you need frequent access to.  

  • Lead lists
  • Interview templates (BANT)
  • Product and pricing sheets
  • White papers and research docs
  • Sales decks
  • Case-studies
  • Proposal presentations
  • Contracts templates
  • Training materials
  • Cheat sheets
  • Reference materials
  • Data sheets
  • Market research
  • How-to guides

Now multiply this list by the number of prospects that a salesperson might have on the go at any given time and it becomes quite clear that files can easily become lost. If this problem is to be solved, a good first step is to add rigor to your Dropbox file folder structure. Dropbox has provided a helpful guide for building team folder structures, but we’ll cover the parts relevant to sales professionals here.

Build a Dropbox folder specifically for sales reps

Audit your team workflows

Start by analyzing your sales teams workflows and consider structuring with attention to the amount of collaboration that occurs. Ask yourself these questions:

  • Do your sales reps generally work on their own or in teams?
  • Is each file worked on by one individual, or do multiple people contribute edits to each?
  • Do you expect files to be shared outside your Dropbox Business team frequently?

Choose a client-based folder structure

Structuring your folders to split by department or by project works for company wide-initiatives, but for a sales team, organizing by client is the way to go. Also, if your sales reps work as a team, set up the appropriate Groups in Dropbox to facilitate easier sharing.

Standardize naming conventions

Nothing is more frustrating when someone goes into a shared drive and there are folders called “ABC Company”, “ABC” and “ABC Company Inc”. Which is the right one? It’s anyone’s best guess. Start using standard naming conventions that everyone. Here are some suggested Dropbox tips:

  • Monthly folders should be named in the YYYY-MM format so they’ll appear in chronological order.
  • If you’re organizing by client, and your company uses client codes, prefixing each client’s folder name with their code will help people find what they need.

Lock down file access

This is the time to ensure that the appropriate access levels are set. Choose from: 1. Team Access, 2. Limited Access, 3. Team Member, or 4. Shared Folder.

Now that you have your Dropbox folder structure set up to perfection, it’s time to introduce Obie to accelerate search and sharing.

Adding Obie to accelerate search and sharing

Obie is the fastest way to find anything at work. Now with the introduction of the Obie personal browser extension, Obie’s powerful search and sharing capabilities can now be accessed without any Slack dependency. For client-facing individuals especially, the Obie personal browser extension brings knowledge within the flow of work. The typical sales person’s time is dominated by browser-centric activities such as:

  • CRM updates
  • Document creation and management (presentations, proposals, spreadsheets, etc)
  • Online research
  • Email

The Obie personal browser extension accelerates interactions with these practices by eliminating the need to switch applications, dig through folders or even jump to a new tab.

Obie enhances knowledge management

While documentation and files represent the majority of search targets, it is important to consider that not all knowledge is optimally stored in a Dropbox file. Virtual sticky-notes are often a better place to save frequently used text snippets, short instructions or notes. Obie allows you to create and store these items directly in the browser extension so that you can reuse this knowledge faster, rather than having to reference a long document or reinvent the wheel.

Combining Obie and Dropbox accelerates sales rep’s work

By creating a well organized folder structure in Dropbox and using Obie to easily search and access these files directly from the browser, sales reps can be more productive and spend more time on high-value activities that close deals.