The fastest way to search and preview Confluence wiki and blog content from Slack

We know you love Confluence. We know you love Slack. But, why is it that you can’t love both Slack and Confluence together at the same time? Of course, there is a Confluence integration for Slack (built by Atlassian), but it doesn’t seem to cut the proverbial mustard in a lot of ways, which is exactly why Obie has invested in solving this productivity by developing the deepest Confluence integration for Slack available. But before we go there, let’s take a step back at the current state of affairs between Confluence and Slack.

The scope of the current Confluence integration for Slack

Currently you are able to do the following with the current Slack integration built by the makers of Confluence, Atlassian.

  • Set up notifications in your Slack channels about changes in Confluence spaces, pages (including child pages) and blog posts
  • See link previews of pages, blog posts and comments when they’re included in Slack messages
  • Like pages, reply to comments, and more without leaving Slack

This sounds wonderful, but there are some limitations to this integration:

  • No ability to search for Confluence content from Slack
  • Limited ability to preview content in Slack (the preview might not be relevant to the intended sharing purpose)

The available functionality largely focuses on ways to passively interact with content in Confluence, but falls short in ways that would encourage more active interaction with the content.

Why is search and content previews important to Confluence in Slack?

The reason that search and content previews are critical to a Confluence integration for Slack is because it is a very common part of workflows in SupportOps, RevOps, IT-Ops, DevOps, remote companies and really any department org-wide that uses Confluence to power self-serve support. With Slack becoming the operating system of the modern workplace, not having a robust integration between Slack and Confluence is a significant productivity inhibitor. It seems a little counter-intuitive that one might want to search and access Confluence content in Slack, but in fact it is a very common request from teams that use Confluence and Slack as part of their daily work.

For example, when customer support agents, are confronted with a customer question that stumps them, they often seek help in Slack. They might ask questions openly in channels or via DM to a specific senior team member. When a DevOps team member is looking for a deployment snippet, again, they might seek support in Slack. Actions like these have a compounding effect on productivity losses across the team and organization. The answer might already exist in Confluence, but for whatever reason, people perceive asking questions in Slack as the lowest friction path to resolution. To combat this, Obie encourages employees instead to ask Obie questions in lieu of questions in Slack or via DM. This increases team focus and enables higher productivity.

Search Confluence from Slack

Obie has enabled rapid search and access of Confluence articles both from Slack as well as our free Chrome Browser extension for the exact use case scenarios described above. If a user is willing to type a support question, we position Obie within Slack to enable a fast self-service workflow that should be the default behavior before seeking support in Slack without disturbing other team members. Here are the ways one can search Confluence from Slack with Obie.

Intelligent Previews Obie Suggest with Confluence

Using the /obie command to search Confluence

You can ask Obie to search Confluence from Slack using our slash-command, accompanied by a few keywords, within any channel where Obie is invited. The response is a private interaction between you and Obie, but the results can be revealed with the channel if the user feels compelled to share.

DM with Obie in Slack to search Confluence

When Obie is installed in your Slack workspace, he appears in the applications list in the sidebar. You can DM with Obie from there in the same way that you would DM with another user. This is an entirely private interaction with Obie for searching Confluence.

Intelligent Suggestions from a Slack Bot connected to Confluence

In channels where Obie is invited, when Obie senses a question asked in the flow of conversation on Slack, Obie will privately make a suggestion (when Obie’s search algorithm confidence is high) to the question-asker that contains relevant Confluence content as an attempt to resolve the question asked in Slack. If the content doesn’t resolve the asker’s issue, they can dismiss the suggestion and no one else in the channel will be alerted to the suggestion.

Preview Confluence content, blogs and articles in Slack

When Confluence search is enabled within Slack, you have a much faster workflow enabled for support seekers who. But until recently, the Confluence search results provided by Obie were limited to links and titles. We have recently deepened our Confluence integration to provide what we call intelligent previews. Intelligent previews show relevant content from within Confluence directly in the search results pulled by Obie. This dramatically increases self-serve support workflows by eliminating the steps required to consume the knowledge required without leaving Slack or opening up another browser tab or app. With intelligent previews, now you rarely need to leave Slack to get information or knowledge from Confluence. Demo video below.

So if you use Confluence and are looking to access content faster, without ever leaving Slack, Obie might be your solution.