Reacji – The secret visual language of Slack-based support desks

With so many companies shifting support communication to Slack as the primary channel for employees seeking and delivering support, its important to embrace the richness of the platform to maximize its utility. And to maximize Slack’s utility, you’ve got to master emoji reactions, otherwise known as reacji.

Without this richness, Slack is just an email client, and we don’t need another one of those. While the Slack app directory has thousands of integrations that can add richness and enhance communication on the platform, emoji will always be the most popular way to communicate, signal and demonstrate understanding in the flow of conversation.

Of course, to be fluent in the secret language of Slack reacji, some need a helpful guide for getting started. He’s just a little intro to the wonderful world of Slack reacji.

EmojiSlack ShortcutMeaning
πŸ™‡:bow: Thank you  
πŸ™:pray:Thank you/Please
πŸ™Œ:raised_hands:Thank you/You’re awesome!/Good job!/Yay!
πŸ‘ or πŸ†—:thumbsup::ok:OK/Got it!/I understand
πŸ‘€:eyes: Looking at this/Seen this/Will circle back to it
βœ…:check_green:This task is done!
βž•:heavy_plus_sign:I agree!/+1 vote
I volunteer! / Pick me!
❗:exclamation:This is priority
‼️:bangbang:High priority

Want to see reacji in action? If your admin has yet to disable it, try @channel or @here in a channel with a few hundred subscribers. Get ready for the screen to light up!

On second thought, maybe save that experiment for when you’ve already got a new job lined up 😈.

Hat tip to Elizabeth Kinsey from Slack for contributing to this blog.