Obie recognized as Momentum Leader by G2 in multiple categories for Spring 2021

Spring 2021 has arrived and has brought with it 16 awards for the Obie team to celebrate. We thank our amazing customers for their continued support. Our products and services continue to become refined and these improvements have been appreciated by Obie users from many different industries and company stages.

Obie Spring 2021 G2 Badges

Obie had a strong showing as a Momentum Leader for Spring 2021, with badges in three categories:

  • Q&A Platforms
  • Enterprise Wiki
  • Productivity Bots

We are proud to continue to delight Enterprise customers with our “Easy Admin”, “Fast Implementation”, “Easy to do Business With” and “Easy Setup”.

We are also particularly proud of our “Best Est. ROI” for the small business segment. It affirms that Obie is truly a scalable product that can accelerate the support function for teams of any size.

Here is the full list of Spring 2021 G2 awards:

  • Momentum Leader (3 awards)
  • Leader (Productivity Bots)
  • High Performer – Mid-market (2 awards)
  • High Performer (5 awards)
  • Easiest Admin – Enterprise
  • Fastest Implementation – Enterprise
  • Easiest to do Business With – Enterprise
  • Best Estimated ROI – Small Business
  • Easiest Setup – Enterprise

Once again, we send a big “thank you” 🙏 to all of our supporters that help us ship the best solutions for merging knowledge with common everyday workflows.

Hey 👋 before you leave, check out a 2 minute video on how Obie helps internal support teams get the knowledge they need fast – it’s the Fastest Video Demo EVER