Obie recognized as market leader by G2 – Fall 2020

We love getting feedback from our customers so that we can rapidly iterate on suggestions and improve our product. G2 is a big part of that feedback loop for Obie and its great to see our team’s continued progress in G2’s quarterly summary.

Fall 2020 G2 Badge Awards

  • 🚀 Fastest Implementation (Enterprise)
  • 🧠 Easiest Setup (Enterprise)
  • 📈 High Performer (Fall season)
  • 🥇 Leader (Fall season)
  • 🚄 High Performer (Mid-market)
  • 🤝 Easiest to do business with (Enterprise)
  • 👩‍💻 Easiest Admin (Enterprise)
  • 😍 Users Love Us (All day!)

It’s easy to get up in the morning (and stay up all night sometimes) when you have great customers like we do. So thank you to all of the Obie users out there, and thank you to G2 for helping us make the best knowledge management solution that we can.