Obie 2.5 [BETA] Changelog.. channels, and much more!

It’s only been a month since our last changelog and already a major update, woah things are happening fast!

Here’s the nitty gritty:

Obie in channels
You asked, we listened. You can now interact with Obie in any Slack channel of your choice.

Simply /invite @obie to any #channel and ask him a question to get started.

Error handling & vocabulary
We put a lot of work into handling more variations of what Obie can send and receive. This means he’s much smarter and even has a little more swagger. For those of you who attempt to break all chatbots you come in contact with, Obie might give you a run for your money!

Hint: type “Who is Siri?”

UI Update on the Tasytt dashboard
We streamlined a few spots on the dashboard that unnecessarily had two clicks, and made them one. We also made some of the buttons and calls to action more intuitive and descriptive for better user experience.

No more right click
A lot of people had trouble finding ‘Delete Book’ and other functionality that was inconveniently hidden behind a right-click on the respective card. Well, we’re sorry. We fixed it and designed a nice little pop over that you can access via the ‘three vertical dot menu’ on the Books card. You can still edit Book permissions from this pop over, but now can deletemovepublishrename and make resources public from here.

Pro tip: you can also publish and make content public right from the face of the card now using their respective icons (which were also replaced to be more intuitive).

Flow categorization
When you call your Flows, Obie now categorizes them by: AvailableIn Progress and Completed. This will be a better user experience when reviewing the Flows you have.

Flow scheduling ‘off’ by default
We heard you loud and clear. The default Flows were on a schedule, but this was annoying for a lot of teams. Scheduling is now off by default on all Flows. If you are interested in scheduling a Flow don’t forget to check the empty box at the bottom of each step to specify a time.

Bug: creating links in the Page editor
Oops, this got broken. Fixed now.

Bug: Flow steps un-clickable in your progress
Users were unable to complete Flow steps on the Tasytt dashboard. It has since been rectified.

Additional bug fixes and enhancements

That’s the gist of this release. As always, we’re moving quickly but are listening carefully to your feedback to shape future releases. You can shoot us an email at yourfriends@tasytt.com, tweet to us, or click this link if you want to chat with us right now!