Obie 0.8 [BETA] Changelog

  • Obie is better and smarter at returning more relevant Page results. TL;DR: Better.
  • If you had a large Google Drive, Obie was very slow at returning results. We cut the time down to 10% of what it originally was. No one should ever be penalized for storing too much knowledge.
  • Performance improvements and a coating of grease mean results from all the other integrations slip through the sky and into Slack far faster.
  • We spruced up the design of Flows with new buttons, formatting and the ability to snooze a step. They’re lovelier now than we ever dreamed possible.
  • The Page editor has been updated so it’s even nicer than before. It sorta kinda closely resembles the Medium.com editor, which we like a lot a lot. It’s got everything you need and more: embed media, insert cloud docs, highlight knowledge cards, align text. Absolutely delightful.
  • Each Flow assignment notification now comes with a button that says “Start Flow”. This way you can be assigned multiple Flows and not get confused, and you can start a Flow whenever you please. As it should be.

Here’s what we fixed:

  • Sometimes, Obie was just not there for you. Maybe you’d ask him a question and he wouldn’t respond, or maybe you’d click a button to submit an answer and he just wouldn’t take the answer. Commonly, Obie was seen as offline. It wasn’t Obie being neglectful. It was software being a bit of a piffle. All better now.
  • You can now exercise your right to create and edit a Flow and know for certain that no steps will disappear or magically re-arrange themselves on their own.
  • The Unanswered Question metric in Insights now measures pretty much what you’d expect. That is, a question that had no results returned. Previously, an unanswered question was a question that had no saved response, but that’s certainly not always the case (like maybe (quite likely) an integration returned a result), so we fixed it.
  • New users attempting to use Obie would sometimes get stuck in an onboarding loop, which is not the warm welcome we would wish for those people. Sorry, new users.
  • Scheduling a Flow should, cross fingers, deliver the steps at the scheduled time.
  • When upvoting or downvoting a result, Obie did not always reliably register your vote, somehow mistaking “voting” for “ignoring”.
  • Searching for default content once worked, and now works once more.
  • For teams who use Slack User Groups, well those groups sometimes weren’t syncing properly with the dashboard. Which meant default assigning and un-assigning of content based on User Group failed silently. No more.
  • One last little big thing: If you ever said “hi” or “hello” to Obie, he wouldn’t have understood…how rude! He’s friendlier now and will say “hi” back!

That’s all she wrote, folks. Obie 4.0[BETA] is live in the Slack App DirectorySend us a note or tweet to let us know what you think. We love bugs, so send those our way, too.