Obie 0.7.1 [BETA] Changelog

Here’s what’s new:

  • Last updated times (and authors for Obie content!) are now shown on all results Obie returns, to help you better figure out which result is the most relevant for you. As it should be.
  • Rate every result, instead of just the result set, as you wish. But really, you should, because that’s how the little guy gets smarter.
  • We added this new thing called Knowledge Cards to the dashboard. A knowledge card highlights specific content on a Page that will show up in search results. Great for highlighting a key paragraph, quickly referencing an image, or providing a preview of the Page, in Slack. Figuring out which result is most relevant to you, without having to click anything, is just nicer.
  • A new and improved onboarding flow that you may never see if you’re reading this update. Of note, however, new team members will experience it, which means they will get to learn how Obie works better than you did.
  • You can now search integrations in channels, previously it was only allowed in DMs. Have at ‘em!
  • We added more support resources to the help command to make finding more help more helpful. And accessible. We want to help you find help.
  • You may have noticed a little more Obie branding and a little less Tasytt branding as you get stuff done. That’s because Obie is now Tasytt, but forget Tasytt, but don’t forget Obie, even though Obie is Tasytt. 🤔

Here’s what we fixed:

  • A performance problem which caused teams with lots and lots of users to experience slow load times when navigating the dashboard. The improvements mean a speedier experience every time you save a Flow or Page, visit the Team section, update permissions, or just generally move yourself around. Apologies to those who experienced anything less than zippily.
  • If you too were an eager beaver trying to complete multiple Flows at once, you may have run into a confused Obie. No good. All better.
  • In a massive blow to the speed at which you were searching for content in your integrations, you would have had to down-vote the first set of results in order to get to what you were really looking for. Now results from any knowledge base are combined into one, and only one, result set.
  • Flows notifications no longer have a link to the dashboard. Why would you go to the dashboard to complete a Flow when you can just do it in Slack with Obie? (Well, actually, you can check your Flow progress on the dashboard.. but the link confused users, so we removed it.)
  • This will be our last release for folks using the Add Team Member Modal on the dashboard. From now on, giving team members access to Obie will require adding them to your Slack team. Then, we’ll do some jiggery-jaggery-pokery backstage and poof, your Slack team will auto-sync with the dashboard.
  • If you are a Content Creator on the dashboard and had no Flows assigned to you, you wouldn’t be able to create a Flow. That’s no longer a bug. Once more, Content Creator means content creator, rather than ‘not’.
  • We’ve made all content unpublished by default so that Admins can edit the content and do so without mistakingly sending annoying noties to their team.
  • We paved over a series of potholes that were strewn about our team sync, making crashes far less likely.
  • There was a brief moment in time when Obie was unconscious and could not be installed. All due to one typo in the codebase, folks. All you budding engineers, remember this one.
  • A pesky wrinkle in which Flow assignments and reminders were not sent to users. Assign and remind away.

That’s all she wrote, folks. Obie 3.1 [BETA] is live in the Slack App DirectorySend us a note or tweet to let us know what you think. We love bugs, so send those our way, too.