May 2021 Changelog

We’ve been teasing y’all for a few months now of something super exciting in the works and now the wait is finally over! We’re pleased to announce not one, but TWO huge feature improvements and some small fixes for you in May…

Intelligent Previews for Obie Pages & Confluence

  • With Intelligent Previews, Obie will try to extract the relevant information from the body of the page and return a preview in Slack or the browser extension based on the context of your question
  • Intelligent Previews must be toggled on in your Obie dashboard
intelligent previews for in the Obie Confluence integration for Slack

Tagging for Obie FAQs & Pages

  • Tag Obie FAQs & Pages for stronger search and administrative filtering
  • When performing a search, Obie will respect all context of the FAQ or Page including question, answer, title, body and tags
  • Search for existing tags, add a new tag, or choose from Suggested Tags

Confluence fixes

  • Obie now excludes all Confluence Personal Spaces in both the folder picker (Configuration) and in search
  • Obie now excludes all archived Confluence Spaces in both the folder picker (Configuration) and in search

Bug Fixes

  • Unable to rename Groups in the Obie dashboard [RESOLVED]
  • Obie Wiki: copy pasting content with images inserts a camera icon where image should be [RESOLVED]
  • Requests: not properly saving Group assignment when filling Unanswered Questions Requests and verifying FAQs [RESOLVED]
  • More tweaks to help Obie better handle text formatting in Slack searches
  • Browser extension: formatting improvements when adding FAQs via context menu