May 2020 Changelog

Another exciting month is in the books for Obie, here’s what’s new in May:

Search, search, search!

  • The core natural language processing (NLP) got a boost from a newly published data model, in addition to the largest change in the core search algorithm to date. This latest change allows Obie to understand more context about queries such as: possession, time, file type and more!
  • Leverage search modifiers like: latest (for recency) or sheet (for spreadsheet) 😉

Knowledge sharing upgrades

  • We’ve added a share button on newly added FAQs in Slack
    • When documenting FAQs from conversations in Slack, you may want to show your colleagues that it’s been documented, so they know it’s there to search for next time–now you can with a single click!
  • New Page share icon on Obie Pages: Quickly copy Page links to your clipboard for easy sharing

Widgets and Insights

  • We made some necessary adjustments to the Total Repeat Questions Widget export to show you how many times a given topic was discovered by Obie

Confluence search 

  • Obie can now search Confluence Blog posts
    • Toggle on/off in your Confluence configure settings

Obie is print-ready

  • Want to bring your Obie Pages to the real world? You can now print your beautiful Obie Pages using Ctrl/Cmd+P

Bug fixes

  • Some Admin users experienced Obie notifying that the same piece of content was outdated every day, even after it was verified [RESOLVED]
  • Some teams were noticing Obie showing html code in front of an FAQ served in Slack [RESOLVED]