July 2020 Changelog

While it may seem like a quiet month for Obie in wake of the Obie Browser Extension launch, we’ve been busy behind the scenes. Here’s what’s new for you in July:

Obie Suggest” Widget upgrades

  • Obie administrators need an efficient way to see interactions their users have had with “Obie Suggest”.
    • “Obie Suggest” is a private interaction, where, when a user asks a question, within a channel that Obie is a member of Obie “Suggests” relevant information pertaining to that question. Obie administrators currently see Obie ‘react’ with an emoji but unless the user shares the suggested result they don’t have good insight into what Obie actually suggested
  • With the new “Advanced” view on the Obie Suggest Widget, administrators can see which resources Obie “Suggested” for each question, along with data like if the user upvoted, shared or clicked “not helpful”. 
  • Administrators can also train Obie by giving feedback on results right in the widget!

Small bug fixes for increased stability 

  • Including some fixes to the dropdown search (user/channel) when creating a JSD ticket in Slack

In case you missed it–the Obie Browser Extension!

The biggest product advancement our company has made since Obie first appeared in the Slack App Directory in 2016; new and existing Obie customers can use the browser extension (available on all Chromium-based browsers) to accelerate support and find knowledge within the flow of work