Introducing a new personal work accelerator for knowledge search, capture and reuse

For years, Obie.ai’s primary objective was to accelerate support teams. True to our vision, we have delivered the fastest way to find and capture knowledge at work. But, we have deliberately kept a narrow focus on delivering solutions that carefully consider how support teams work together to deliver the highest level of service.

Today, we broaden our horizons. Today, we acknowledge and recognize the personal needs of contributors, whether they are remote employees, sales reps, founders, support professionals, hiring managers or otherwise. Today, we embrace the needs of the individual.

Today, we introduce the new Obie, which includes two new plans targeted for personal use: Personal Free and Personal Pro. These new plans feature our new browser extension and allow you to build your own database of Personal FAQs.

Notably, these personal-use plans have the power and reach of Obie, without the dependency on Slack. Now you can use Obie, independently of your team environment, to accelerate your own work.

How is the new Obie different?

The new Obie includes a free browser extension that is designed to accelerate an individual worker’s knowledge capture, reuse and discovery.

Specifically, users get:

  1. Faster Sharing: handle shoulder-taps and frequent interruptions from others in your company with greater efficiency;
  2. Faster Answers: build searchable database of answers to repetitive questions that come up in your everyday work replacing sticky notes, text snippets, frequently accessed data, instructions and procedures;
  3. Faster Search: connect typically disparate tools like Google Drive, Confluence, Dropbox, Box, Trello, Github, etc, to make them searchable and more accessible

Individual work vs. team work

Obie’s Slack-based product is optimized for team environments where the goal is to reduce frequent interruptions, increase support ticket deflection and to build centralized access to knowledge directly from the workflow, which is commonly conversational in nature – hence the Slack dependency.

The Obie personal browser extension, is optimized for individuals who want to accelerate their own non-Slack-based workflows. This important distinction is why we brought Obie outside of Slack and into the browser.

Who is Obie’s browser extension for?

The Obie personal browser extension democratizes access to the core features of Obie.ai’s team products and optimizes them for individual workflows. In no particular order, here is a list of some of the personas that we see getting value out of the Obie personal browser extension.

  • Sales reps searching for product documentation, contracts, presentations and templates
  • Engineers looking for tools across cloud-based silos, code reviews, debugging tips, sprint retros
  • Newly remote employees transitioning to working from the home office and need frequent access to knowledge
  • Customer or IT Support helpdesks referencing and sharing knowledge base articles, instructions, how-to guides, and more
  • Marketers looking to collaborate on content, branding, launch experiments
  • Product managers that are switching between specs, user feedback data, roadmaps
  • Designers documenting UX findings, website test results, design files for collaboration
  • Startup Founders trying to keep pitch decks, financial models, design assets, corporate documents all accessible
  • Hiring managers helping with onboarding of new employees, sharing policy documents, benefits pamphlets and learning resources

Not an enterprise solution

The Obie personal browser extension is not an enterprise software solution. It’s a personally licensed browser tool that you can install to accelerate your own work. You just drop it in and it connects to all of your knowledge sources, highlighted by integrations with Google Drive, Confluence, Dropbox, Box, Trello and more. Now you can instantly find, reuse and share any knowledge you use at work. This isn’t meant to solve or improve team efficiency problems – its designed to accelerate your own work.

Your own personal searchable FAQ database

Whether you use physical or digital sticky-notes to save frequently reused knowledge, snippets, instructions, how-to’s or links, everyone needs a system for frequently reused information. So we have extended our core FAQ functionality to Obie personal browser extension so that you can create your own collection of snippets for easy access and reuse.

Many integrations and more coming

Obie can connect to any of our core team integrations, but the most popular are Google Drive, Dropbox, Box and Confluence, which form the foundation of most personal workspaces. We will expand our integrations based on demand from users.