How to create a Jira Service Desk (JSD) ticket directly from Slack

If your company is like many modern growing enterprises, employees use a messaging platform, like Slack, for nearly all of their internal communication. Moreover, Slack has become the defacto platform for sharing knowledge, asking questions and seeking support. So, it only makes sense that your IT support team lives and handles issues in Slack as well.

Your current workflow

Atlassian’s Jira Service Desk (JSD) is integrated as part of your IT help desk solution. Of course, like most modern organizations you’ve also welcomed the addition of Slack into your organization to help everyone communicate more efficiently. Each platform plays an important role in enabling automated IT support. Support teams have historically spent their time in their inbox and directly solving issues from the service desk; things have changed since the addition of Slack.

70% of employees prefer to raise issues within Slack when given the choice

Stat from a survey commissioned by atSpoke

Slack, is the quickest way to solicit help and communicate a quick question or answer if an issue is solvable. This is a natural human response. For issues that need to be escalated, Jira Service Desk is a robust ticketing solution used by many internal support teams to track issues from inception to completion. Both of these solutions go hand-in-hand when you want to ensure your employees are productive, but there is a disconnect: Slack and Jira Service Desk don’t talk well with one another.

Dealing with the disconnect

If your employees are constantly switching between Slack and JSD, they are most likely experiencing some of the following:

  • Lower productivity
  • Poor tracking of support issues
  • Growing ticket backlog
  • Increasing SLA time due to suboptimal workflow
  • Workflow interruptions
  • Lost focus due to context switching
  • Unhappy employees or lower team morale

Bring Jira Service Desk into Slack

The native integration between Slack and JSD leaves a lot to desire. We at Obie have partnered with the wonderful folks at Atlassian to develop a solution for this disconnect. By adding Obie to your Slack workspace, your IT support team or even an employee with an issue, can instantly create a Jira Service Desk ticket without leaving Slack. Moreover, Obie syncs the ticket status with JSD into Slack, so everyone is kept up to date on the ticket status, all within the flow of work—thus enabling IT help desk automation for your team.

There are three ways to create a ticket from within Slack with Obie. Here they are:

1 – Via the Message Expansion Menu

When you hover over any message in Slack, a menu will pop up at the right side of the message pane. This is great for turning a message (an issue) directly into a ticket with the click of a button. The expansion menu is visible after clicking the three dots as in the screenshot below:

Once you open the expansion menu, you should see a Create Ticket option visible or under the “More message actions” menu.

2 – From Obie Suggest

If you’ve ever wished for help desk automation software, Obie “Suggest” intelligently senses when common questions are asked and will automatically give a list of suggestions on how to remedy your issues (well, at least the work related ones). At the bottom of those results, you’ll see a “Create Ticket” button for those occasions where the answers suggested by Obie cannot resolve your issue.

obie suggest create jsd ticket in slack

3 – From the list of Obie search results

Whenever you use the /obie command to ask Obie a question from any DM or channel, there will be a button at the bottom of the results to open a Jira Service Desk ticket in Slack if the search results were insufficient to deflect a ticket.

Once you submit your query, Obie will search for a relevant result and display them on the screen. At the bottom of the results, you’ll see a button to create a Jira Service Desk ticket in Slack.

Completing the JSD Ticket

Clicking the “Create Ticket” option within Slack Obie will begin the ticket creation process and will resemble these screenshots. Obie automatically uses the data from your service desks and automatically displays the fields from your existing request types right within Slack.

obie create jira service desk ticket in slack

You may be asked for some additional information.

Once the all of the information is submitted, you will see a confirmation with all of the most important details and status.

jsd ticket status in slack

Want to see how easy it is to enable IT help desk automation and create service desk tickets right from Slack?