How to connect Jira Service Desk to Slack to streamline your IT helpdesk

If your organization uses Jira Service Desk (JSD) or as part of your support ticket management platform and Slack to manage internal communication between employees and the IT helpdesk, Obie can streamline ticket management process by merging these workflows and giving support requestors the power to initiate ticket issuance on their behalf.

Obie has developed an industry leading solution that connects JSD and Slack to make support ticket management better by:

  • Enabling JSD ticket creation directly from Slack
  • Syncing ticket status and notifying each party involved in the
  • Helping employees access self-serve support
  • Increasing ticket deflection
  • Reducing helpdesk backlog by automating status updates and communicating status to the parties involved

Install Obie to JSD and Slack

Adding Obie to JSD and Slack is simple.

  • Install Obie from the Atlassian Marketplace
  • Generate and paste your API key and give Obie access to JSD
  • Configure the JSD integration and set your permissions, and you’re off to the races

You can also refine the issue types that are connected to your Obie integration.

Creating JSD tickets in Slack

There are two primary ways to create a ticket in JSD from Slack using Obie. Instead of listing the steps, let’s just show you!

From any message via the overflow button

Every Slack message that is posted can be the starting point of a JSD ticket. Simply click the overflow button and choose Create Ticket to start the process.

Using a Slack shortcut

The lightning button in the message bar allows you to take many actions including creating JSD ticket.

Cvent Case Study

After adding Obie to their JSD and Slack-based IT support desk, Cvent cited 91% adoption rate and estimates savings of $200k/year in ticket deflection

Cvent Customer Case Study

We documented one of our JSD-Slack-Obie integrations in a fascinating case study with our client Cvent. This case study documented their transition to remote work during the rise of the pandemic in 2020 and how Obie helped them manage the thousands of service tickets created every month on JSD.

Curious to see a demo of how Obie streamlines JSD workflows from within Slack? Book a 30 minute demo of our industry leading Slack/JSD integration today.