How to add and remove custom keyboard shortcuts and hotkeys for a Chrome Extension in 5 seconds flat

2 out of 3 people use Google Chrome browser to access the internet. Why? Because of awesome functionality like browser extension hotkeys and keyboard shortcuts, of course.

While the debate around using your mouse vs. the keyboard rages on, we at Obie are firmly in the keyboard-first camp, using the mouse only when necessary all in the interest of accelerating work, even for the tiniest actions. Aiming your cursor at a tiny 16-by-16 pixel Chrome extension button amidst possibly 20 others in the extension tray can feel like trying to win a carnival game with the odds firmly stacked against you. So whenever possible, we use keyboard shortcuts to launch any and all applications.

Adding a keyboard shortcut or hotkey for a Chrome Extension

Here are the steps for adding your own personalized shortcuts for Chrome extensions.

  • In the top right corner of Google Chrome, click the 3-dot expansion menu
  • Expand the More Tools menu
  • Click Extensions
  • On the left hand side, click Keyboard Shortcuts (to get here even faster, and only using your keyboard navigate to: chrome://extensions/shortcuts)
  • Scroll to the extension of interest and choose a combination of keys with either “Ctrl” or “Ctrl + Shift” and any available key
  • It helps if you choose a letter that is memorable – for example, we use “Ctrl + Shift + O” to launch the Obie Chrome Extension

The extension developer may have added shortcut functionality for more actions within the app. For example, with the Loom chrome extension, you can cancel a recording or pause/resume a recording with additional hotkeys.

Removing a keyboard shortcut or hotkey for a Chrome Extension

To remove your Chrome Extension hotkey, just “X” out the shortcut in the same settings page (chrome://extensions/shortcuts) and it’s gone.