How to add and remove custom emoji from Slack in 5 seconds flat

What is your most used Slack emoji? 🤔

How to Add a Custom Slack Emoji ➕

  1. In Slack, open the emoji picker by clicking on the smiley face icon at the far right of the message field.
  2. Click Add Emoji, then Upload Image to select a file.
  3. Enter a unique name for your emoji, then click Save

Add custom Slack emoji

Once a meme has run its course and you want to forget that it ever happened, follow these very simple 3 (not 4) steps to delete it.

How to Remove a Custom Slack Emoji 🚫

  1. From your desktop, click your workspace name in the top left.
  2. Select Settings & Administration >> Customize Slack from the menu.
  3. Search for the emoji you would like to remove, then click the icon next to the emoji, followed by Delete Emoji to confirm.

Remove custom Slack emoji

So there you have it. The much faster, cleaner and succinct 3-step add-and-remove custom emoji instructions.

Sure, Slack has their own knowledge base article on how to upload custom emojis, but at Obie, we’re all about increasing productivity, accelerating teams and pretty much making everything happen faster. We’ve run a number of compression algorithms and have succeeded in streamlining Slack’s arguably unnecessarily long 4-step process to just 3 faster and more concise steps. You’re welcome!

All bets are off if your admin has turned off custom emojis. You should just find a less repressive environment to work in.