February 2021 Changelog

A little beaver told me 😉 the team at Obie has something exciting in the works that’s almost ready for you to get your paws on… I can’t give you a preview of what just yet but I can tell you what’s new for you in February:

Lots of FAQ improvements

  • Users now have the ability to hyperlink text in FAQs
  • Assign verifiers to newly added FAQs in Slack
  • When adding FAQs from the ... overflow menu in Slack: if the message is part of a thread Obie will capture the parent message as the “Question” and the selected message as the “Answer”
  • When adding FAQs from threads in Slack, sharing the newly added FAQ will share to the thread
  • When adding FAQs from channels in Slack, Obie will default assign the FAQ to the respective channel

Insights improvements

  • The “Questions” widget export now includes more data including:
    • Channel source
    • Results upvoted 👍
    • Results downvoted 👎 
    • Results clicked
  • New “Issue Deflection” widget to show an overall % of potential deflections

Added author to third party search results

  • On third party search results Obie will display more metadata like date last updated and author in Slack and the browser extension

Request tab improvements

  • Added “Page” and “FAQ” selector
  • *NEW* “Source” column to show where the Request came from
  • Metadata previews for stale content Requests

Bug fixes:

  • Some teams were unable to active the Jira Search integration without the Jira Ticketing integration active [RESOLVED]
  • “Custom Domain” and “Company Name” display setting edits not saving for some teams [RESOLVED]