Features, improvements, and fixes.. Oh my!

It’s been a minute since we’ve put out a changelog for you folks, but that’s not due to lack of updates. We’ve been dam busy working on some important improvements, small fixes and new features for you to get your paws on! Here’s what’s new:

Search, search, search!

Obie’s NLP got a major boost. The core natural language understanding is now upwards of 25% more accurate with enhanced search speeds–with more search improvements to come!

User Experience upgrades to Obie Suggest

  • We’ve enabled Obie to react to messages with custom emojis (chosen by you) when the following actions are taken: 
    • User upvoted result
    • User downvoted result
    • Request logged
    • Ticket created 
obie suggest enhancements

Widgets and Insights

  • Added a Ticket Deflection Rate insight that displays the rate at which tickets have been deflected by Obie
  • More export options for Obie Insights:
    • Obie Suggest (New!)
    • Channels (New!)

Ticketing (Jira Service Desk Integration)

  • Added an additional step that allows users to submit a ticket on someone’s behalf
  • New issue type picker–in some cases you might want to assign different issue types to different channels, with the new issue type picker you can do just that!
JSD Integration

Everything else

  • Obie will now message newly promoted Admins welcoming them to their new responsibilities
obie promoted to admin
  • Obie now searches Dropbox document bodies 
  • New image resize capabilities in the Obie Page editor
  • Flow steps character limit has been increased to 2000 characters
  • Lots of bug fixes everywhere!