December 2020 Changelog

Here’s what we’ve been working on for you in December, all wrapped up and ready for the holidays…

Obie Training channel

The #obie-training channel is a special dedicated channel where Obie gives more insight into how decisions are made. This channel is designed to help you better understand how Obie will act in a typical channel environment and gives you a dedicated place to more easily train and influence search results.

This channel is created by default on all new Obie subscriptions. If you’re an Obie customer prior to Dec 21st, 2020 please contact support to have one created.

Daily notifications for Content Verification and outstanding Requests

  • Obie will send a daily Slack notification when:
    • You’re assigned as a verifier on new content
    • Have any outstanding Requests
  • For new customers, this will be turned on by default
  • Legacy customers can turn on Specific notifications under My settings

Knowledge Base bug fixes

  • Issues with auto-save causing Obie Pages to hang
  • Bullet points on Pages not labelling properly
  • Some small fixed to archived Obie Pages
  • Spelling errors causing Page formatting issues