Autumn 2020 Changelog

Well, friends, we’ve been teasing an exciting new FAQ experience for a couple of months now and we’re happy to announce that the next evolution of Obie FAQs is here 🎉!

FAQ update includes:

  • The ability to better organize your FAQs for scale
  • Assign FAQs to #channels and groups 
  • The ability to assign non-Obie Administrators verification privileges 
  • NEW Freshness meter (replacing verified/not verified)
  • Tons of natural design improvements

Search search search: 

Obie’s core natural language processing (NLP) got a boost from a newly published data model, in addition to a major change in the core search algorithm. This is arguably the most visual change to the underlying search algorithm yet!

You’ll notice:

  • Obie returning more results in the average search query
  • A fairer search across all data sources
  • Obie respecting content bodies more often