April 2021 Changelog

You know what they say, April showers bring… Well, lots of bug fixes and some feature improvements for you!

Jira ticketing improvements

  • Some improvements to format translation with markdown, links, emails and user IDs in ticket comments
  • When creating tickets using the … app action in Slack, Obie now posts the ticket to the thread
Jira Ticketing in Slack with Obie

Integration configuration updates

  • Removed a block that limited integration management to only the admin who activated it
  • With this update, all admin users can manage all integrations in the Obie dashboard, regardless of who connected it

Wiki fixes

  • Changed name of “Knowledge Base” to “Wiki” in the Obie dashboard
  • Added Wiki tool tips to show truncated Book, Chapter & Page titles
  • Updated Chapter title breadcrumbs

Bug fixes

  • When creating a ticket in Slack, leaving the “description” field empty was causing Obie to fail for some users [RESOLVED]
  • Poor page rendering of the “Requests” tab on a mobile browser [RESOLVED]
  • Obie was intermittently having issues handling text formatting in Slack searches (ie. bold, italics, code block) [RESOLVED]
  • Red dot beside “Requests” tab indicating outstanding Requests when there are none [RESOLVED]
  • Intelligent preview of Obie Pages sometimes cutting off “step 1” in lists [RESOLVED]
  • When changing the Obie team url in the dashboard, it was not updating in the browser extension causing issues sharing Wiki links [RESOLVED]
  • Attachments on Jira tickets were not showing in the Slack thread for some teams [RESOLVED]