April 2020 Changelog

Even the COVID-19 pandemic can’t stop us; we’re pushing updates to Obie all the time and April 2020 is no exception. Here is our latest changelog:

Search, search, search!

Obie’s NLP got another boost. We’re always working to enhance Obie’s core natural language understanding and saw a healthy boost in accuracy with the last iteration. 

Obie Shortcuts

  • Slack’s latest release introduced a shiny new bolt shortcut feature
    • Use Slack Shortcuts to add FAQs and Create Tickets (Jira Service Desk Integration) by clicking the lightning bolt icon to the left of the message box in Slack

User Groups

  • Users can now be members of multiple Groups
  • Added a Slack icon to easily identify which Groups were synced from Slack
  • Note: we’ve disabled the ability to add/remove Slack synced groups within the Obie dashboard. Those groups will continue to be managed in Slack

Widgets and Insights

  • Added a Total Repeat Questions Widget: Repeat Questions displays the number of topics that were asked about repeatedly.
  • Added 2 new Requests Widgets: Total Requests (exportable) & channel specific Requests. Request widgets display the number of Requests detected by Obie. A Request is a gap in knowledge where a user has asked a question and no results were found.

Share new FAQ to thread

  • When adding a new FAQ in Slack, we’ve added a button to allow for quick sharing to show your colleagues it’s been documented

Lots of small bug fixes everywhere!

  • Some teams were experiencing a comment sync issue between Obie and Jira Service Desk [resolved]
  • Some teams were experiencing Obie Pages disappearing after edit [resolved]

Finally, and arguably one of the most exciting things we’ve released in recent memory is…

Obie Access: for Small Teams, Remote Companies and Startups

slack enabled wiki for startups

Traditionally, we have built Obie for larger organizations, and less so for startups, teams within larger companies and remote teams. More broadly speaking, our solutions were not designed or positioned for teams of less than 50 members. This is about to change.

We have endeavoured to address the needs of smaller teams over the past few months and we have arrived at a solution: Obie Access.

So what is it that is different about these companies and teams? And how does Obie Access address these eccentricities? How did we build the newest Slack-enabled wiki for startups? Visit our blog for more.