Accelerating Support – a podcast by Obie.ai

As we continue on our journey trying to solve the problems involving connecting teams with the knowledge they need to deliver peak performance, we have decided to partner with leaders in IT Support, People -Ops and Customer Support space to document and share the knowledge and experiences that they have acquired and used to accelerate support teams throughout their careers.

The result is a new podcast for IT, Customer Service, HR and professionals that are instrumental in providing support, who are looking to learn from thought leaders in their profession to learn tips, tricks and strategies to get the most out of their support teams. We call it: Accelerating Support.

It’s available where ever you get podcasts, including Soundcloud, Spotify, Apple Podcasts and Google Play.

Season 1, Episode 1: The Pilot

We wanted to kick off our podcast with a great guest, and we were able to deliver with Gitlab’s Darren Murph, Head of Remote. Gitlab is the largest all-remote company in the world, which makes it unique and a trailblazer in establishing best practices for large distributed teams. Darren is also the holder of a Guinness World Record. Darren’s viewpoint epitomizes what we think of when we imagined the term Accelerating Support.

If you dare to skip this episode, this is what you’ll miss:

  • How Darren defines “Accelerating Support” within the scope of remote working environments
  • Gitlab’s “handbook-first approach to documentation” explained
  • How to look at technology in the role of accelerating support teams
  • Darren’s vision for remote work and beyond

We hope you enjoy and learn from these sessions. We’ve got a lot of great knowledge to share for everyone that is interested in accelerating support teams.