Press Kit

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  • Our team had been searching high and low for an LMS that fits our unique model of training. We happened to stumble across Obie while reviewing Slack integrations and were instantly intrigued. The platform almost seemed too good to be true. We signed up for a trial and received impeccable customer service by the team ever since. Any questions we have are addressed nearly immediately and I know our team is valued by the Tasytt team. By the time our trial was finished, our entire team was sold on the platform. Obie and the dashboard are an integral part of our training and development and we are excited to watch it grow!

    Head of Marketing (Dayta Marketing)

  • Obie and the dashboard are wonderful tools I personally use to handle knowledge management for my team. It's easy, fun to use, and beautifully designed. Obie provides useful knowledge to my team at a moment's notice, as well as providing me with a necessary look at what questions my team has for our mission. The dashboard employs a worthy framework to sort information into collections for my team to learn from and refer back to. All in all, these tools keep my team on the same page. Thank you so much!

    Co-founder & Producer (The Feedback Loop)



The Platform - Images

  • Insights on the dashboard
  • Obie searching Confluence
  • Obie in a channel
  • A Flow
  • Flow Progress
  • Obie searching Google Drive

The Platform - Videos and GIFs

  • Asking a question
  • Rating the quality of a result
  • Completing a Flow