Get more done.

Obie is an AI platform that brings all of your knowledge and documentation into one spot so that your team can focus less on finding information and more on reaching their goals.


Use Cases

Your team stays focused

Give your team a single source of truth for all information and documentation. Obie enabled teams are more engaged, productive, and maintain quality by having access to verified knowledge within Slack, Stride, or other existing interfaces.


Reduce frequently asked questions and shoulder tapping by allowing your team to ask Obie. With artificial intelligence (A.I.), Obie learns and gets smarter after each question. We've also integrated with the tools your team already uses like Confluence, Jira, Google Drive, Dropbox, and much more, so setup is a breeze.

Rapidly onboard people, processes, and things

Use Obie to share intelligent workflows that can automatically onboard employees, share new IT processes, or get everyone up to speed on the latest company data policy.


Increase adoption of existing tools by delivering content and processes through a refreshing interface. Employees can complete workflows without having to leave Slack or Stride.

Discover insights & gaps

Obie helps you discover trends, common questions, and employee requests, influencing business decisions and what knowledge to create. Obie enables your team to do the best work by proactively ensuring everyone has access to the most up-to-date information.


If Obie doesn't recognize what an employee is looking for, an answer can be crowdsourced from a colleague or routed to a service desk.

Over 5,000 teams trust Obie to be the
single source of truth for their information

Being able to see unanswered questions & requests are particularly useful as we manage all the information created and shared.

People Operations at Sift Science

Obie has made finding information easier, and helped Nova feel more confident and connected to internal knowledge.

Manager at Nova

After a couple weeks, our entire team was sold on the platform. Obie is an integral part of our training and development.

Head of Strategy at Dayta Marketing