Free features to keep you moving

Easily record and share best practices & operating procedures.

Develop training materials with ease

Built-in Authoring Tool

Use our CMS that integrates with tools you already use, like Google Drive and Dropbox, to create media-rich content with ease.

Share processes with Flows


Create Flows to share processes, lessons or checklists and Obie will share them with your team in a bite-sized, scheduled format.

Knowledge Cards

Use knowledge cards to highlight a specific bit of knowledge on a page that Obie will show your team in search results.

Custom colors and logo to personalize your dashboard

White Labelling

Make everyone feel at home by spreading your style across the dashboard, fully customizable with your logo, colors, and custom URL.

Reward teams for their contribution


Use the dashboard to recognize top contributors and provide rewards for even further engagement.

External linking

External Linking

Static documents suck. Create public links to share with anyone outside the dashboard.

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Premium features to get you moving faster

Get the most out of our solution by customizing with our Premium Plan features.

Reward teams for their contribution

User Metrics

Keep track of each team member's progress. View what Flows they need to complete, what pages they've read, and which quizzes they've aced.

Track onboarding process


Gain statistics on knowledge shared to ensure accuracy, and reward top performers. Identify knowledge gaps so you can turn confusion into clarity.

Reward teams for their contribution


AES-256 bit encryption and a certified SSL certificate ensures a secure connection to your sensitive data.


Manage your team's shared knowledge on the dashboard. Quickly add, edit and remove your team's Q&As in a friendly interface.

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