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Whether you're capturing knowledge, sharing workflows, or asking questions.
Obie works where and when you need him.

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How It Works

Knowledge within reach

Save time and ask Obie questions using natural language to find the knowledge you need.

He's a quick-study — the more you use him, the more he delivers relevant and accurate content.

Connect Obie to platforms like Google Drive and Confluence to get the most out of your existing knowledge.

Introducing Flows

Spoonfeed, don't firehose. Deliver knowledge and information when your team needs it — not all at once.

Obie delivers content to the platforms you spend your day on. Information conveyed in an existing workspace is relatable, engaging and more effective.

New-hire Onboarding

Streamline training and onboarding: notify the team about new hires, policy updates and relevant content changes. All within slack.

Continuous Learning

Finally a learning solution for the new generation. Obie delivers content in an already existing workspace thats relatable, engaging and more effective.

Building a Knowledge-asset

Knowledge is hard to create and easy to lose. Build a culture of transparency and knowledge-sharing by starting in Slack.

What People Are Saying

  • "Obie and Tasytt are wonderful tools I personally use to handle knowledge management for my team. It's easy, fun to use, and beautifully designed. Obie provides useful knowledge to my team at a moment's notice, as well as providing me with a necessary look at what questions my team has for our mission. Tasytt employs a worthy framework to sort information into collections for my team to learn from and refer back to. All in all, these tools keep my team on the same page. Thank you so much!"

    Co-founder & Producer (The Feedback Loop)

  • "Our team is really excited to start using this [Obie], as I am putting it all together for them. I would like to use Obie long term in our company as we grow. I think there is a lot of value in this bot"

    Application Developer (Elevation Corporate Health)

  • "AMAZING... when I heard about Obie, I thought "I NEED THIS". Can't wait to take him for a spin. My CEO is so pumped."

    Office Manager/Culture Champion (WhereBy.Us)

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What is Tasytt?

Tasytt is the company that developed Obie. Tasytt is also the dashboard used to administrate Obie and track progress facilitated within Slack (and soon other platforms). When adding Obie to Slack he will create an account on Tasytt for you to harness the full power of our solution.

Frequently Asked Questions

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