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Obie is a virtual assistant to help you make faster decisions, be more informed and get shit done without leaving slack.

The smartest teams trust Obie to improve how they work

How It Works

Stay Focused

Obie is built to keep your team always focused and informed. Simply ask Obie a question, and he'll instantly provide you with the answer. With Obie, all your team members have access to an expert. Save time by avoiding questions, shoulder taps and calls that halt your focus.

Obie uses machine learning to get smarter with each interaction. Now you can have an expert that grows and scales with your internal knowledge.

Built on top of the tools you already use:

With your team constantly on the move, it's important to have access to the documents that help you run your business, wherever. These integrations mean that you can keep your team up to speed on new processes, files, and knowledge. No one will be left out of the loop.

Learn quickly

Empower new team members by sharing best practices and procedures. Instead of asking the same questions over and over, your team can spend time with Obie getting up to speed, allowing them to be productive faster.

Develop new playbooks

Consolidating learnings is as easy as 1, 2, 3. Once you create a Flow, assign it to a member of your team to start streamlining the knowledge process. Your engineers will thank you later.

Learn together

With Obie you can easily share and curate meaningful knowledge in a centralized place - without stress. Empower each of your reps to share new insights so everyone can be prepared to engage potential customers.

New-hire Onboarding

Streamline training and onboarding: notify the team about new hires, policy updates and relevant content changes. All within slack.

Continuous Learning

Finally a learning solution for the new generation. Obie delivers content in an already existing workspace thats relatable, engaging and more effective.

Building a Knowledge-asset

Knowledge is hard to create and easy to lose. Build a culture of transparency and knowledge-sharing by starting in Slack.

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It's pronounced tacit, as in tacit knowledge, but we're not picky. Tasytt is the company that developed Obie. Read more about the company here.

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